Situated in eastern Maui, with ocean views throughout, and including a working cattle ranch, this property of approximately 4500 acres surrounds the town of Hana.  Considered one of the most beautiful locations in the world, the Ranch rises on a gentle slope from its oceanfront pastures to an elevation of 2200 feet, with a consistent view orientation toward the ocean throughout the property.

Hana Ranch is located in one of the last places in Hawaii untouched by urbanization and over-development. Evocative of yesterday’s Hawaii, Hana is famous for its scenic location and idyllic isolation, combined with a rural Hawaiian atmosphere and small town friendliness. A short fifteen minute flight from the main Maui airport, one seems to time travel to a different era.

Recognizing the extraordinary nature of Hana, the current owners of Hana Ranch have demonstrated their commitment to preserving this world class property by placing conservation easements on selected portions of the Ranch.

The Ranch is divided on a north/south axis by Hana Highway, with approximately 667 acres on the ocean side (makai) of the highway and approximately 3833 acres on the mountain side (mauka) of the highway.Hamoa Beach Property

Hana Ranch is offered at $55,000,000